Starter kit 120

Everything you need to disinfect 120 standard car interiors. Safe for cars, homes and places of business.

Pro box 350

Enough solution to do 320 standard sized cars.

Hospital grade, skin, inhalation, ingestion safe.

Germ Gun

Germ Buster Electrostatic Gun saves money and time by spraying less liquid and covering more surfaces.

Ebola Virus

Same technology used by the US Government to kill Ebola Virus and Anthrax.

$9.95 per Car

Our Starter Kit 120 can cover 120 standard sized cars, disinfecting them from all kinds of germs that make people sick.

Starter Kit 120 @ $9.95 per standard sized car = est. revenue of $1,194

Pro Box 350 @ $9.95 per standard sized car = est. revenue of $3,482

Today's the day!

Order your hospital grade Starter Kit 120 now to Kills Germs Dead!