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Car Interior Germs, They're Everywhere!

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Starter kit 500V

Everything you need to disinfect 500 standard car interiors. Our Germ Buster Gun™ and specially formulated solution gets everywhere throughout the entire car in mere seconds.

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Germ Buster Gun™

Our Germ Buster Gun™ creates a electrostatic positive charge on every 80 micron droplet covering more area then traditional spraying and killing germs everywhere in seconds.

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Pro box 1000V

Enough solution to do:

  • Used car lots
  • School buses
  • Shopping carts
  • Church buildings
  • Play ground areas
  • Gym locker rooms
  • Rental car agencies

$4.95 per Car

Our Starter Kit 500V can cover 500 standard sized cars, disinfecting them from all kinds of germs.

Starter Kit 500V @ $4.95 per standard sized car = est. revenue of $2,475

Pro Box 1000V for doing homes and business = est. revenue of $3,500

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