The Electrostatic Advantage

Electrostatic sprays are commonly used in agriculture and painting. They are often preferred because they have the ability to quickly apply to all sides of an object, with relatively little overspray. This makes them considerably more efficient in terms of time and product usage. It also reduces the risk of side effects from airborne particles. For the same reasons, our Electrostatic Disinfectant™ is ideal for disease control.

The concept behind an electrostatic spray is simple. Charge the chemical particles as they come out of the sprayer so they are attracted to grounded objects. It works like a magnet. This attraction causes the particles to get pulled out of the air and wrap around the target in an orbital trajectory, coating all sides of the object. And the best part is, Electrostatic Disinfectant™ can be used almost anywhere. The possibilities are endless!


Improve Productivity

Business man sick at desk

U.S. workforce illness costs $576B annually

Forbes - The Integrated Benefits Institute, which represents major U.S. employers and business coalitions, says poor health costs the U.S. economy $576 billion a year, according to new research. Of that amount, 39 percent, or $227 billion is from “lost productivity” from employee absenteeism due to illness or what researchers called “presenteeism,” when employees report to work but illness keeps them from performing at their best.


Reduce HAIs

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Give staff a healthy, safe environment

Every year HAIs (Healthcare Associated Infections) have providers scrambling to protect patients from getting sick during visits, and to give staff a healthy, safe environment in which to work. Healthcare Associated Infections also pose financial risks, due to the significant fines for noncompliance with CMS guidelines and legal action brought by infected patients.

We help significantly reduce the risks of HAIs utilizing some of the safest, most environmentally friendly materials available. It is an essential part of any holistic infection control program.

  • Simplifies training
  • Integrates easily into any cleaning processes
  • Reduces human error
  • Delivers results up to 3X greater than traditional disinfecting and sanitizing equipment in less time
  • Allows for a more efficient use of resources


Healthy, Preschool to PhD

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Absenteeism impacts student performance

From local preschools - where infections like Norovirus, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, and Flu can run rampant - to college campuses where Meningitis, MRSA, and others sicknesses are a real risk; schools are under pressure to do more to promote a healthy environment. Student absenteeism can negatively impact the students’ as well as school’s performance, and in some cases is a threat to state funding. Employee absences come with significant costs. The problems are real and on the rise:

  • Nearly 32 million school days were missed in the 2010 flu season, according to a Walgreens survey
  • More germs are found on an average classroom water fountain spigot than then on a toilet seat
  • Certain commonly used disinfectants and sanitizers can trigger asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems

Get the Power of Purtabs

Purtabs Effervescent tablets make a powerful cleaning solution convenient and manageable. Dilute the tablets to suit your needs! Safe for humans, deadly for germs.

Save Time and Money

Washington City Community Center

"My staff and I are very impressed with your Electrostatic Disinfectant Gun. I Manage a 125,000 Sq. foot facility that has 2 Pools, Locker room, Gym equipment, Daycare and Pre-school facility's, 3 Basketball courts, and a Rock wall, etc. We found out... the electrostatic gun cut our disinfecting down to less than half the time than using the regular spray-can disinfectant. And I believe the cost will be significantly less than the can price. Our customers will be impressed that we care enough to disinfect in such a large capacity. We have won Utah Best of State the last eight years in a row for best facility, mostly on cleanliness, and are looking forward to keeping that title. I look forward to working with [Kill Germs Dead] in the near future."

- M. Henning, Washington City Maintenance Manager

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