Happiness - not having a sick child!

Kid barfing in car

"Is your car making you sick?" Dr. OZ

"For busy parents, cars are full of kids and groceries, meals and snacks, toys, clothes and sporting goods. Yet within this seemingly-innocuous flurry of activity, your vehicle can also be transporting illness-causing bacteria like diarrhea-causing E.coli, Enterobacteria (feces), Serratia (vomit), and Aspergillus niger, the mold that exacerbates asthma" explains Dr. Oz.

My car is a health hazard?

Studies reveal your cars interior could be up to 2,144% filthier than your cell phone.

  • Your steering wheel can be 9 times dirtier than public toilets
  • Testing shows emergency brake levers have an average of 200 living bacteria per square inch - including MRSA

Interior Germs

4424 151 side by side

Electrostatic Disinfecting™ System

Gun and Purtabs

Next Generation of Clean!

Germs can't hide from us!


See where electrostatic disinfection™ is taking place.


Solution and cup

Electrostatic Disinfectant™ Formula

Hospital Grade Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Pseudomonacidal, Staphylocidal, Salmonellacidal, Mildew Static & Virucidal for:

  • Cars, RV's, Long-haul trucking
  • Emergency support vehicles
  • Homes, Schools, Day care
  • Shopping carts
  • Nursing homes
  • Athletic facilities
  • Homeless shelters
  • Office building, Retail Businesses

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T Riddle. "When my one year old gets sick it's inevitable we all get sick. I truly believe when Kill Germs Dead sprayed my house and car with their Germ Buster Gun™ they stopped the germs from spreading, which kept the rest of the family from getting sick."


Tia family

Public Toilets, Shopping Cart? We got it covered!

Less Toxic Than Your Toothpaste!

PureGreen24 has an EPA IV toxicity rating; the lowest rating assigned by the Federal EPA. PureGreen24 is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and odorless without the fumes or skin irritation associated with traditional disinfectants. PureGreen24 is strong enough to kill the most dangerous viruses (Norovirus) and bacteria (MRSA) in a hospital environment, yet EPA registered for use on children’s toys at home.

Shopping Cart Germs

Shopping cart germs

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