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Germ Buster™ spray gun killing germs; Flu, Common Cold, H1N2, Salmonella, E. coli, Staph, Pollio, Herpes, Norovirus, MRSA, Hep B, HIV, C. diff, Bloodborne Pathogens

Yesterday’s infection control systems are obsolete

Electrostatic Disinfectant™ = Less Sickness


360° coverage

Watch the yellow strip of paper facing away from our Germ Buster™

The paper changes color when it comes into contact with the chemical in the spray gun. Notice how the paper is on the back side of the post, and yet the electrostatic particles are still able to wrap around the post to reach it.

Our preferred disinfectant

You want to kill germs without harming people, animals, or objects. For that we recommend PURTABS Effervescent disinfecting tablets. Safe for all ages, simply drop a tablet into water and you are ready to go. The tablets completely dissolve in under two minutes and are skin contact, inhalation, and ingestion safe when diluted. Plus, PURTABS is environmentally friendly. Perfect for home or business use. It's the safest way to kill germs.

Health Hazards Are Everywhere

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  • Germ Buster™
  • Hospital Grade Electrostatic Disinfectant™

germ buster gun 360 degree coverage