Dr Oz - "Is your car making you sick?"

If you’re constantly on the go, your car can feel like your second home. But your vehicle can be carrying some uninvited passengers: illness-causing bacteria. Do you know what’s riding in your car?

My car is a health hazard?

Studies reveal your cars interior could be up to 2,144% filthier than your cell phone.

  • Your steering wheel can be 9 times dirtier than toilets
  • Tests done on the emergency brake area found an average of 200 living bacteria per square inch - including germs such as MRSA.
  • Car interiors are 55% dirtier than keyboards
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Germs in Ride Shares, Taxi's and Rental Cars

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Our mission is to keep your family from getting sick

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It creates an positive electrical charge to our solution, giving it a wrap around effect with even coverage. It envelops ALL surfaces, shadowed and vertical. It gets underneath seats in between crevices and under the dash in seconds.

There is no place for germs to hide!


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Safe for you, your children and pets. Hospital grade, skin, inhalation and ingestion safe. The same technology is used by US Government agencies to kill Ebola and Anthrax.

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we kill germs

Tia R - "When my one year old gets sick its inevitable we all get sick! I truly believe that when Kill Germs Dead sprayed my house and car they stopped the germs from spreading which kept the rest of the family from getting sick."

When was the last time you had the interior of your car or child's car seat professionally disinfected?



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